Top Signs Your Roof Is Leaky

Water leakage in a building is a problem that no property owner should ignore. If the issue is not attended to early enough, it can result in costly and sometimes fatal consequences. The best way to protect your residential building from water damage is to call in a waterproofing contractor to resolve any problem before it can worsen and become a major issue. Roofs are a common trouble area when it comes to water penetration. Here are a number of sure-fire signs indicating that your roof needs waterproofing repair service.

Presence of holes in your roof

Sometimes the source of a roof leak is right there for you to see, but somehow you choose to do nothing about it. Such is the case when sunlight penetrates into your interior space through the visible holes formed in your roof. When the skies are clear, you might not consider these holes to be harmful, but when the skies start pouring with rain, you will be in for an unpleasant experience. Some of the rainwater that is supposed to drain from your rooftop will find its way inside your home and cause damage to the internal structure of your roof, or even flood your building. Therefore, you should not wait until the rainy season begins to have the holes in your roof fixed.

Unusual roof noise transmission

Metal roofs are generally noisy. They normally make noise when it is raining or when they are contracting (or expanding) due to temperature changes. But this does not mean that all noises originating from your metal roof are typical. If you hear any strange noises coming from some sections of your metal roof, it is most likely that something is no longer properly secured. A missing screw or nail may cause the affected area to generate loud clunking metal sounds, for example. Consequently, gaps may be left behind in places that should remain tightly sealed up, in turn, creating a room for water to enter your home. Be sure to call in a waterproofing expert to inspect and repair your roof any time you hear strange noises coming from your roof.

Water marks on interior walls

If you can see water marks on your interior walls near the ceiling area, this may also be a sign of a leaky roof. The problem with watermarks is that they typically do not leave stains behind, making it easy for many residential building owners to forget about them as soon as the water dries out. What these homeowners disregard is that the penetrating damp can cause severe structural damage to the walls and other parts of their property over time. A waterproofing contractor can help you detect where the water dripping through your roof is coming from, fix the problem, and stop the damp patches from forming on your internal walls.