4 Helpful Tips to Enable You to Clean Baking Stoneware Effortlessly

Many homeowners prefer to use baking stoneware because of its numerous advantages, such as the fact that stoneware heats evenly during the baking process. However, some of those homeowners may not know the best ways by which they can clean the stoneware after using it for baking. This article discusses some helpful tips that will make cleaning the stoneware easy.

Season the Stoneware

Stoneware becomes easy to clean after you have used it several times to bake different products. That ease comes because the stoneware has become seasoned to the extent that nothing sticks onto it. You can quicken the seasoning process by rubbing plenty of oil, such as coconut oil, into the interior of the stoneware. Afterwards, place the cookware in the oven and turn up the heat. You can let it bake for about an hour or more. The heat will cause the stoneware to absorb the oil so that it forms a barrier that prevents food from sticking on the walls of the cookware. The seasoned stoneware will become very easy to clean after that.

Soak the Stoneware

The stoneware may take several sessions of baking to become fully seasoned. In that time, you may notice that food may keep sticking on the stoneware. The best way to remove that food from the surface of the stoneware is to place the stoneware in hot water. Leave it there for about 10 minutes. The food will have softened and you will be able to clean it off easily.

Avoid Using Soap

You should never use soap to clean your stoneware. This tip is important for two key reasons. First, the stoneware will absorb the soap and what you cook will have a soapy taste or smell. Secondly, the soap is likely to remove the oily layer inside the cookware. That oily layer is the one responsible for the non-stick attribute of stoneware that has been used for several times. Thus, the use of soap is likely to increase the rate at which food sticks onto the stoneware in future.

Buy a Scraper

It is advisable for you to use a rubber scraper to remove any food that sticks on your stoneware. This type of scraper is ideal because it will not have any abrasive effect on the cookware. Abrasive materials remove the protective layer attained as the stoneware is seasoned. The use of a scraper will save you from having to spend a lot of time cleaning your baking stoneware after using it.

Follow the cleaning tips above and you will enjoy all the benefits of using stoneware for all your baking needs. Keep in touch with a supplier of stoneware so that you can receive additional tips on how to get the best from your stoneware.