Purchasing a Truck Mounted Attenuator for Your Snow Plough Business

If you run a snow ploughing business, then you'll be well aware of the many risks that come with driving during extreme conditions. Snow, ice, and rain all increase the likelihood of collisions, which could damage your snow plough and put you out of business until it can be repaired. Since snow ploughs are commonly struck from behind by other vehicles, due to increased stopping distances and poor visibility in the snow, purchasing a truck mounted impact attenuator is a good idea. Read on for all the details and then click for more info.

What is a truck mounted attenuator?

Impact attenuators are designed to absorb the kinetic energy of any vehicle which crashes into them. Specially designed truck mounted attenuators are made to fit securely to the back of large vehicles, where collisions are most likely to occur. Most attenuators can be folded down for storage purposes.

What type of attenuator do I need?

There are three main types of attenuator. Friction attenuators work by converting kinetic energy into heat—these consist of a steel cable and angled tube. Momentum transfer attenuators often use sand or water to absorb impact and aren't widely used nowadays. The best option for your snow plough is the more modern option—a material deformation attenuator. This works by creating a barrier made from a crushable material. Upon impact, this material will create a 'crumple zone' which absorbs much of the impact of a crash. This limits damage to the main snow plough vehicle and to the occupants of the colliding vehicle.

Attenuators are classified according to the speed with which a vehicle can crash into them, without them becoming ineffective—some are designed to cope only with low speeds. If you operate your snow plough in areas with high speed limits and lots of traffic, it's advisable to get an attenuator with a higher classification. For ploughs that work exclusively in low speed and low traffic volume areas, a lower classification should be adequate.

Will a truck mounted attenuator fit my vehicle?

Truck mounted attenuators are available in a wide variety of sizes, so they should fit any commercial snow plough. Choosing an attenuator which is raised at a slight angle is a good idea if you plan to clear ramps or driveways of snow. Unlike attenuators which sit at a complete right angle to the vehicle, these allow greater mobility on inclined surfaces. This is useful for both travel and storage, so consider the location where the snow plough is normally parked.