Tips to Keeping Your Antique Necklaces in Pristine Condition

Antique jewellery does not only serve as a fashion statement. In some occasions, this jewellery has been passed down from one generation to the next, so it may have high sentimental value. As such, it is crucial to ensure that your jewellery is not only cleaned appropriately, but stored well too so as to ensure its longevity. Nevertheless, not many people know how best to go about storing their antique necklaces and end up finding them tangled, broken or stained over time. Here are some of the tips that you ought to know about keeping your antique necklaces in pristine condition.

Ensure your antique necklaces are stored flat

A common mistake some people when when it comes to antique necklaces is storing them in a pouch. This is because they are under the assumption that if they hare in a soft enclosure, they will not acquire any damage. The truth is that if the pouch is moved around, the movable links in the antique necklaces can begin to start bouncing up or become tangled. This could lead to them acquiring irreparable damage, which would ruin your antique necklaces. It is therefore prudent to ensure that your antique necklaces are stored away on a fat surface, rather than being crumpled up in a pouch.

Invest in a hardware organizer

A hardware organizer is a compartmentalized box that can easily be purchased at your local hardware store. It is typically used to store minor construction fittings such as nail, bolts, nuts and more. When looking for a hardware organizer, pay close attention to the size of the different compartments. This will ensure that your antique necklaces will be able to fit within the compartments without the risk of being crumpled up. Hardware organizers are especially convenient for people who no longer are in possession of the original packaging of their antique jewellery and hence do not have an appropriate place to store them.

Use felt to cushion your antique necklaces

When jewellery is packaged at the jeweller's, the packaging is usually lined with a soft material such as velvet. This material is not put in place primarily for aesthetics. Instead, it functions to ensure that the jewellery does not acquire any nicks or scratches while it is in transit. Velvet may be expensive for some people to splurge on. Nevertheless, an economical alternative that you could use is felt. Once you purchase the felt, use it to line the different compartments that you will be using to store your antique necklaces.

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