Customising Your Budget Shipping Container: A Guide

Budget shipping containers are built using a basic design. This means that they can be easily transformed, allowing the container to protect goods which are stored in it during extreme weather or to perform other non-storage functions. Below is a guide to some simple ways you can customise your budget shipping container.

Add Cold Weather Protection

If you are planning to store things in your shipping container over the winter period, you may want to consider adding insulation to help to protect the items from the effect of the cold weather. The easiest way to do this is to apply insulating foam to the walls and roof of the container. Insulating foam can be sprayed onto these surfaces. However, you should be aware that this foam isn't easy to remove. If you are only renting your shipping container, you may want to opt for foam board insulation, which can be easily installed and removed.

Increase the Aesthetic Appeal of the Container

Budget shipping containers come in a limited range of colours and have a somewhat industrial look about them. Applying a new coat of paint can really increase the aesthetic appeal of your shipping container. You could even ask local kids to spray the outside of the container with graffiti art. However, if you want to jazz up the look of your shipping container, you should have custom decals applied to the side. These decals could feature your company logo, your favourite action hero or inspiring quotes.

Create an Additional Building

Shipping containers can be a useful way of creating additional buildings on your property. By linking several containers together like Lego blocks, it is possible to create many different rooms within your container building. If you plan to convert a shipping container into a building, you should consult with a professional container company who will be able to advise you on how best to install electrical, ventilation and heating systems. By adding insulation and panelling to the inside walls of the container, you can make it an appealing place to be. Windows and doors can also be installed on the side of the container, allowing natural light to enter the space and creating an easy route of access.

If you have any further questions or queries about how a budget shipping container can be customised, contact a shipping container company today. They will be able to assess your needs before offering further help and advice.