Effective PT Marketing for Proactive Trainers

If you don't work out of an established gym, then successfully promoting your own Personal Training (PT) business is essential if you want to build a loyal client base. Fortunately, there are so many cheap and effective tools, such as social media, you can use to market yourself and potentially reach thousands of people without even leaving your home. The key is to design your own brand and ensure that each marketing tool you use promotes that brand and makes you recognisable instantaneously—whether it's through a catchy logo or a motivating slogan. Combining the following marketing approaches will help direct clients to your social media sites and vastly increase your potential client base.

Custom Clothing

Your physique is your best promotional tool, and what better way to show it off than with a stylish t-shirt with your name and logo on it. Wearing your own branded clothing will allow you to promote your services wherever you go—whether you're at the supermarket or training in a gym. If people are impressed with your physique and suddenly see your contact details printed on the back, psychologically they'll credit your success to your own PT capabilities. 

Custom Badges

Another cheap way to promote your brand is through custom badges. You won't always want to wear your own business t-shirts everywhere, and so pinning branded badges to your gym bag is just another way of ensuring as many people as possible are made aware that you're a PT for hire. The benefit of custom badges is that you can pin them to any rucksack so that you can still promote yourself even when you're not in sports attire. Even if you only recruit a few clients, you've then opened up a whole new opportunity through word-of-mouth marketing once you train them.

Custom Business Cards

Striking up a relationship with a local business such as a coffee shop is a great idea, because you may be able to leave some custom business cards there for people to take in exchange for recommending the coffee shop to clients, or using it as an outdoor class meet-up point. If you can get your cards placed on the counter then it's very likely that some people will at the very least glance at your name and logo, whilst others may pick it up to read over it as they drink their coffee. If you've got a social media site with the details printed on the card, they may even browse the site on their phone or pass the card on to friends and family who are considering training.