Top Tips For Wallpapering Your Ceiling

Putting up wallpaper on your ceiling can be a challenging task.  If you have a good wallpapering services firm in your area, it might be wise to hire them for your decorating project.  However, if you fancy having a go at the work yourself, here's a brief tutorial to give you an idea of what's involved.

What you'll need

  • pasting table
  • wall paper
  • ladders
  • trestle board
  • chalk-line
  • size glue
  • scissors
  • wallpaper paste
  • dust sheets
  • brushes

You will find everything that you need for this job at your local DIY store.

How to do it

  1. First of all, lay down dust sheets to protect your floor coverings.  Place two stepladders with a trestle board set between them to form a working platform.  
  2. Start by brushing the whole ceiling with glue.  
  3. Cut the first length of paper, allowing a couple of centimetres excess for trimming.  
  4. Apply wallpaper paste to the paper, folding it concertina-style as you go.  Try not to crease the folds.  
  5. Right-handers should now stand on the right-hand side of the make-shift working platform, facing the wall and with the folded wallpaper in their left hand.  Lefties should do the reverse.  
  6. Let go of the top fold of pasted wallpaper and align the right-hand edge with the wall.  Smooth the paper into the corner of the wall/ceiling, using your palm and fingers.  Take a dry brush and use it to smooth over the paper.  
  7. Keep working until you reach the end of the pasted strip of wallpaper.  As long as you keep the folded paper close to the ceiling, it shouldn't pull away.  If the paper starts to peel off, you might need to remix your paste so that it is thicker.  
  8. When you reach the end of the paper, use a pair of scissors to form a crease between the ceiling and the wall.  Lift the paper slightly away from the ceiling and trim away the excess.  
  9. Repeat the process to cover the whole ceiling, ensuring that the sheets meet but don't overlap.  
  10. To paper around light fittings, make a series of star-shaped cuts in the edge of the paper nearest to the fitting.  Finish hanging the paper length, and then go back and trim away any excess paper around the light fitting so that you end up with a neat finish.

It is possible to take the DIY route to papering your ceiling.  However, this can be a tricky task and you might want to hire professional wallpapering services in your area to carry out the work for you.