Why Sawdust Is the Solution for Your Perfect Garden

Have you ever wished that there was a good, all-around material that could help you be more productive in your expansive garden? Perhaps there is, and if you haven't considered getting a stock of sawdust and keeping this on hand in your garage, you may have been missing out. How will your supply come in handy?

Multipurpose Solution

As you may know, sawdust is readily available and quite cost-effective to purchase, but it can also help you spruce up your garden, get rid of waste and boost your growing season.

Mixing Mulch

Many people will use sawdust as mulch. It has acidifying qualities, so it is particularly good for plants that thrive in this type of environment, like strawberries or blueberries. Sawdust likes nitrogen, however, so it will tend to draw this out of the soil as it decomposes. You will need to add some nitrogen back in, otherwise, your plants may suffer.

Making Compost

You can also use sawdust to help you with your composting needs. Mix it in with leftover food and cut grass, and you should have the perfect composting environment. Experiment and find out how good sawdust can be in creating some finished compost.

Creating Your Path

If you've been looking for the answer to some drainage problems and want to make the pathways in your garden more solid underfoot, sawdust could be your answer. Define the pathway and create simple borders before getting rid of any weeds or grass and exposing the bare soil. Now, lay down plenty of sawdust and make sure that it is firmly compacted. You simply need to walk back and forth many times to achieve a great looking, natural and cost-effective garden path. It'll keep the weeds in check and should be resistant to erosion, but keep a stock of it on hand in your garage – just in case you need to top up. Also, you can use a handful of sawdust if you have weed problems elsewhere.

Soaking up Oil

Talking about your garage, sawdust can be handy if your car or truck tends to drip some oil now and again. Sprinkle a handful of sawdust over it to absorb the mess so that it can be swept away.

Getting Your Supply

As you can see, pine sawdust can be a very useful and versatile product to keep on hand. Talk with your local distributor to get your supply.