What Are the Different Types of Underpinning Available?

A structure can be stabilised using a variety of different methods today. Its foundation can be underpinned by working with professional engineers and experienced contractors in order to prolong the life of the building. What options are available in different situations? Piering In this type of underpinning, you can choose between round or square shaft piers depending on the type of underpinning situation. The engineers will need to ascertain whether the materials used will be under compression or under tension. Read More 

Effective PT Marketing for Proactive Trainers

If you don't work out of an established gym, then successfully promoting your own Personal Training (PT) business is essential if you want to build a loyal client base. Fortunately, there are so many cheap and effective tools, such as social media, you can use to market yourself and potentially reach thousands of people without even leaving your home. The key is to design your own brand and ensure that each marketing tool you use promotes that brand and makes you recognisable instantaneously—whether it's through a catchy logo or a motivating slogan. Read More 

Why Choose a Multifunction Colour Laser Printer over a Colour Inkjet Printer

Having a good printer is essential if you are to optimise office operations in today's dynamic business landscape. A multifunction printer is a product that integrates the functions of several office machines into a single machine. This printer is a true multitasker, managing to perform a number of different standard tasks other than printing. Some of these tasks include scanning, photocopying, and sending and receiving faxes and emails. Thanks to the advent of laser technology, you can now find colour multifunction laser printers on the market. Read More