Buyers’ Guide to Second-Hand Power Tools

DIY work is a great way to save cash when renovating or extending a home, but for the uninitiated, the extra cost of purchasing new building supplies can add up to more than what would have been spent on hiring a tradesperson. Power tools, in particular, can be a significant drain on an owner-builder's budget, so it's no surprise that buying second-hand is a popular option. Generally, when buying from retail stores or second-hand dealers (pawnshops), you should have no issues with faulty merchandise, as consumers are protected under the Australian Consumer Law. Read More 

Why Your Well Pump May Short Cycle

Short cycling refers to what happens when a water pump keeps starting and stopping after a short duration. Short cycling can shorten the life of your pump because the components of that pump overwork. This article discusses some of the common causes of pump short cycling that you should investigate if this is a problem for you. Low Air Charge Air inside a tank helps the pressure sensor to trigger the cycling of the pump. Read More 

Top Signs Your Roof Is Leaky

Water leakage in a building is a problem that no property owner should ignore. If the issue is not attended to early enough, it can result in costly and sometimes fatal consequences. The best way to protect your residential building from water damage is to call in a waterproofing contractor to resolve any problem before it can worsen and become a major issue. Roofs are a common trouble area when it comes to water penetration. Read More 

Quick Tips for Fun and Successful Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing refers to fishing far off the shore, in waters that are several meters deep. You need to plan on hitting these deep waters to find some of what are called game fish, meaning swordfish, tuna, and the like. Deep sea fishing can be a bit more complicated than regular fishing as these fish are bigger and may be harder to reel in, and since you're in the wide open waters, they can also be harder to find. Read More