An Introduction To Rare Earth Magnets

Rare earth magnets are permanent magnets that generate stronger magnetic fields than other types of magnets. The rare earth materials making these magnets have superior qualities to alnico or ferrite-based materials. If you are new at using rare earth magnets, here are a few tips that can help produce the best results in your work.  Safety Science is fun and intriguing when done while maintaining safety. Rare earth magnets should not be near children since they are playful and may ingest or play around with the magnet. Read More 

Why Sawdust Is the Solution for Your Perfect Garden

Have you ever wished that there was a good, all-around material that could help you be more productive in your expansive garden? Perhaps there is, and if you haven't considered getting a stock of sawdust and keeping this on hand in your garage, you may have been missing out. How will your supply come in handy? Multipurpose Solution As you may know, sawdust is readily available and quite cost-effective to purchase, but it can also help you spruce up your garden, get rid of waste and boost your growing season. Read More